Fake Import Duty Advancement charges by Fedex and Aramex

opzioni binarie miglior time frame Aramex and Fedex tries to cheat customers by levying Duty advancement charges even they did not pay customs charges at all. There are already many complaints in the consumer complaints website.

follow link http://uplaf.org/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1513249874.2102611064910888671875 What is Duty Advancement Charges:

http://bestone.com.au/?COLLCC=2409031161    Fedex and Aramex pay customs charges on your behalf to expedite the process of shipping. They charge customers additional 500 rupees as they paid customs charges(even the customs value may small amount like  100 rupees). This was not mentioned to customers before.

bergen singel How to Prevent Customs charges for Sample Product?

  • Ask your shipper to ship using DHL
  • Ask your shipper to mention item as gift
  • Ask shipper to clearly mention item description as sample product
  • For repeated Buyers: Set up account online with FedEx; customs charges are billed to your registered credit card directly, and there is no advancement fee at all.

go to site This way you can prevent customs charges as well as the duty advancement charges that come with it.

when did online dating originate source url How to know customs charges are genuine or fake?

enter site Ask them to provide original customs payment receipt that government provided(Not the internal invoice they created), you will notice them saying some stories like document unavailable.

http://prettytallstyle.com/birkof/2891 http://beachgroupcommercial.com/?kachalka=trading-on-line-1&47c=3f How to try to get money back if they already charged?

Do mail customer care in below template to get the item resolved. This may not work all the time but has good chance of getting money back.

Dear FedEx/Aramex,

This is in reference to invoice XYZ

After having bought XYZ from China, I understood there would be the possibility of Customs duty due on receiving them.

I was however surprised to see an additional section for a clearance administration charge of 500 rupees.

Since China is outside of the India, I of course will pay the customs duty charges.

However, I refuse to pay the duty advancement fee of 500, since at no point was I made aware of, nor did I agree to, any terms and conditions which clearly stated that I would be liable for any such charges.

At no point in the transaction and subsequent delivery was any contract for a clearance administration charge made between FedEx and myself.

I paid the supplier for delivery, and would expect that any international clearance fees be factored into the initial cost of such a shipment.

If you want to pursue further charges for Duty Advancement Charges or delivery or administration or the terms upon which goods are shipped, I suggest that you take it up with the company who shipped the goods initially.

Therefore, I request that you update this invoice to reflect no admin fee, and once that has been done I’ll make immediate payment.

Please let me know when this has been done.

Kind Regards,


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