How to find good suppliers on Alibaba?

buy Viagra 200 mg in Charlotte North Carolina With the millions of sellers available on Alibaba, it is agreed finding the right seller is not easy. But following below tips will surely help Apply below Filters
Alibaba shortlist seller

  1. Trade Assurance : Suppliers with Alibaba trade assurance are verified by Alibaba and Alibaba will help you out for any issue. Note that all the communication with the seller is in Alibaba message center and not in email.
    Also make the payment using Alipay or Paypal as they maintain escrow and our money is safe with them till our item is delivered.
  2. Gold Supplier
  3. See the Response Rate
  4. See Transaction Level
  5. Make  sure you get the final invoice on amazon messaging platform.
    Even if the communication happened on other platforms like whatsapp, skype make sure the the invoice and other key details are communicated on the Alibaba messaging platform. This way in case of  some issue arises in the future Alibaba customer care can help.
    Alibaba Trade Insurance is not applicable if the chat is done on Alibaba messaging platform
  6. Be Careful if Seller is too desperate
    Normally all the sellers are prompt in replying but be careful with sellers who are too desperate to sell to you and asking for immediate payment

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