How to steal the Buy Button on Amazon? Special tips for new Sellers When there are multiple sellers for the same or similar product on Amazon, the Buy Button is shared among all the sellers(Of course not equally!)

follow site If you are in second page of search results for a given key word, most probably you are not going to make that sale as seller does not visit the second page.

source url Tips for new Sellers to move to the top of search result page:

  1. Increasing Sales Velocity:
    1. source link What is Sales Velocity?
      Sales velocity is how the sales are  increasing from the listing day for a given product. If the sales velocity is high then Amazon algorithm thinks at this rate of growth your product can sell more than listings that are present on first page of search. So automatically your product is moved to first page. Being in the first page will organically increase the sales.
  2. go to site How to increase sales velocity?
    To increase the  sales done in first few days  of product listing below strategies can be followed

    • Paid Advertising
    • Asking Friends/family to buy product
    • Sending Coupon Codes online

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